5 day countdown


Our time left in Costa Rica is short and I am flopping back and forth from feeling sad, nervous, and anxious, and then feeling so very excited. It’s confusing me.
This adventure has been incredible…I don’t even know where to begin. We have made some amazing friends and have become so close very quickly. When in a foreign country, with few familiar things, you hold on…tightly…to the friends you make. We have spent holidays with one another, countless dinners, puppy play dates, and let’s not even admit how many boxes of wine we’ve plowed through…it’s been a lot of fun. I am so sad to leave it.

I am nervous about starting again…again. New place, new jobs, new people…new directions…new phone numbers..I just barely memorized my phone number here! Moving the dogs will be stressful for them (and us) and Eddie has never even walked on a sidewalk before…let alone be cold. I keep joking with the Hubs that we are going to have to get him a sweater and booties…that warm jungle blood is going to be in for a shock. Hell…my blood is in for a shock! I get cold when it’s 78 degrees these days…I’m screwed.

I am anxious because…of everything. I’m an anxious person…it is what it is.

But…underneath all of this sad, nervous anxiety lies a huge ball of giddy excitement. We weren’t able to make it back home for the holidays last year so I am thrilled to be spending it with my family…it’ll feel like a real Christmas. We will also be able to see all of our Denver friends whom we adore. I know I have said this before but…we truly have the most amazing friends in the world…the ones in Denver, as well as the ones scattered around the world…we are fucking lucky.

And…furnishing a new home! I love that shit and we have almost nothing…not even a mattress. We do have a lot of sick artwork though…priorities.

New cars!

New shoes! I don’t think my Havianas are gonna cut it in winter.

Lot’s of new stuff and experiences to look forward to…and countless experiences and friendships to look back on.

Let’s do this.

how do you sleep?


I love to sleep..oh man I get so excited just thinking about it. Sleepy sleepy sleep. I could live in my bed…who am I kidding? I do live in bed. It’s awesome. I’m a face sleeper…meaning that however I am laying, my face is smashed somehow. I often wake up a creased, puffy, smooshed up mess. Lucky hubby.
I do try to sleep on my back, slightly elevated, as it good for preventing wrinkles on the face and on the décolletage. Vain? Whatever, I’m not the only one. Anyway there are pros and cons to anyway you sleep…we just can’t win.
Luckily The Huffington Post wants you to be an informed sleeper. So do I…that’s why I’m sharing.
How do you sleep?




and so we begin


Hi. Let’s get some things straight here. I am no writer. My grammar ain’t great (may even be considered down right bad), and although I am not interested in making a fool of myself, I am also not trying to be what I am not. Namely, a writer. I love blogs. Love them so much. I often read a blog and think…I wanna do that. I might have something to say, or something to share. So here I am…saying and sharing.

I am pretty convinced that I like cool shit. Really cool shit. I also like weird shit, cute shit, dirty shit, clean shit…I like shit. This blog is called Curiosity Kills after all. I also like to swear…helps me think…I think. I don’t mean to offend anyone by all the naughty words but I just may…sorry (not sorry).

Blah blah balls…let’s get to it. I will share with you. You can share with me…or not…it’s cool.  Oh and this is the new version of Curiosity Kills…just in case you were wondering. Oh and those pics up there…that’s Zoe (the Bean), hubs and I, and Eddie (little furry Satan).