please excuse the total mess


Hi! You may have noticed that things look differently round these parts…I am in the mind-numbing process of moving my blog from Weebly to WordPress and, since I am doing it myself, it’s gonna be a messy transition.

Please bare with me while I try to make this blog pretty…and maybe coherent.

xo, Erin

on finding something to do with myself


Moving to a new town is never easy. It’s awesome…but not easy. I think the hubs and I have done well with our transition of jungle life in Costa Rica to our new life in beautiful San Diego but it has left both of us wondering what the hell we should be doing with ourselves.

I work…a lot…and I like my job but being back in the service industry is leaving me wanting more from myself. I was wasting hours upon hours doing nothing but playing games on my iPad and iPhone (not while at work of course). I do have a strong lazy tendency but I was just depressing myself…I had totally checked out of reality. I was ignoring my surroundings…I was ignoring my own thoughts…not healthy. I was worried…hell I AM worried that I don’t even know myself anymore.

So the damn games have been deleted.

Now I have to deal with myself. Where in the world do I begin?

“Hi me…I’m you…nice to meet you”

I have nothing to say to myself. We (me and myself) stand around awkwardly waiting for a mutual friend to come stop the discomfort. The problem with that is…I used to really like myself. I think I could again. We just need to reconnect.

I thought maybe a day alone would do it…nope. Maybe a spa day? Nah. Write in a journal…I have nothing to say to me!

I felt like I needed to find a common interest with myself. Jeez…I am dating myself aren’t I? I am trying to convince myself to date me!

Whatever…I took myself out for a fun activity…a weaving class!

Shit I needed this. Last Saturday I attended a beginning weaving class put on by Urban Craft Camp. The class was taught by the amazing and magical Rachel Ehlin-Smith of Mr. Blue Skye at the cutest shop called Teeter located in Pacific Beach. It was amazing. I went alone and was able to do something new and fun along with some amazing women. I met a few beautiful ladies and learned a new craft that I have been happily working on at home. Slowly though…very slowly…I keep second guessing myself.

I took myself out on a date and we had a great time, and now we have a fun hobby to do together.

Maybe getting to know myself is a good idea.

5 day countdown


Our time left in Costa Rica is short and I am flopping back and forth from feeling sad, nervous, and anxious, and then feeling so very excited. It’s confusing me.
This adventure has been incredible…I don’t even know where to begin. We have made some amazing friends and have become so close very quickly. When in a foreign country, with few familiar things, you hold on…tightly…to the friends you make. We have spent holidays with one another, countless dinners, puppy play dates, and let’s not even admit how many boxes of wine we’ve plowed through…it’s been a lot of fun. I am so sad to leave it.

I am nervous about starting again…again. New place, new jobs, new people…new directions…new phone numbers..I just barely memorized my phone number here! Moving the dogs will be stressful for them (and us) and Eddie has never even walked on a sidewalk before…let alone be cold. I keep joking with the Hubs that we are going to have to get him a sweater and booties…that warm jungle blood is going to be in for a shock. Hell…my blood is in for a shock! I get cold when it’s 78 degrees these days…I’m screwed.

I am anxious because…of everything. I’m an anxious person…it is what it is.

But…underneath all of this sad, nervous anxiety lies a huge ball of giddy excitement. We weren’t able to make it back home for the holidays last year so I am thrilled to be spending it with my family…it’ll feel like a real Christmas. We will also be able to see all of our Denver friends whom we adore. I know I have said this before but…we truly have the most amazing friends in the world…the ones in Denver, as well as the ones scattered around the world…we are fucking lucky.

And…furnishing a new home! I love that shit and we have almost nothing…not even a mattress. We do have a lot of sick artwork though…priorities.

New cars!

New shoes! I don’t think my Havianas are gonna cut it in winter.

Lot’s of new stuff and experiences to look forward to…and countless experiences and friendships to look back on.

Let’s do this.

skin care – protect yourself


Let’s talk about sun protection. You are wearing it right? Please say yes. Yes? Great.

As an esthetician I know that our skin requires sun protection and some common sense to maintain it’s youthful glow. I love the sun but I understand my skins limits and I want to look young forever and ever. So…I wear sunblock…every single day.

The majority of my clients are concerned about aging but they often don’t even think to incorporate sun protection into their daily routine.  Even small amounts of everyday exposure can affect your skins health.

There is a large debate within the health and wellness community of what type of sun protection is best but that is for another blog post. For right now let’s discuss why it is important to wear sun protection.

  • Sunburned skin hurts…a lot. Although the pain, redness, and blisters will fade, the damage sticks around to wreak havoc.
  • Skin cancer usually appears in adulthood, but it is caused by sun exposure and sunburns that began as early as childhood. It all adds up.
  • Sun exposure and repeated sunburns accelerate the skin’s aging process, making you look older than you are. Skin changes caused by UV light are called photoaging. The results of photoaging include: weakening of the skins connective tissue reducing elasticity, wrinkles, increased dryness and flaking, small red veins on the nose, ears and cheeks, and dark spots.

Sunburn is better prevented than treated. To prevent a sunburn do these things here:

  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. A broad spectrum sunscreen protects from both UVB and UVA rays.
  • Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to fully cover exposed skin. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or as often as the label says.
  • Apply sunscreen after swimming or sweating and even when it is cloudy.
  • Use a lip balm with sunscreen.
  • Wear a hat and other protective clothing. Light-colored clothing reflects the sun most effectively.
  • Stay out of the sun during hours when the sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Wear sunglasses with UV protection.

So…wear sun protection! My daily sunblock is easy to blend and does not leave a white, chalky residue. I use Vital Therapy, the same brand I use at Mint Skincare Studio. And again…use it every day! Even walking to and from the car, driving to work, and sitting by a window exposes your skin to UV rays…like I said before…it all adds up! Prevention now is far easier than repair later.