it’s cold in Denver


How did I forget what cold feels like? This shit is brutal.

It is so nice to be home…or back in Denver anyway. I couldn’t be happier…well…I could be happier if it was warmer but whatever…I’m a whiner.

Christmas is in full swing and I love it. We were able to decorate my Mom’s house and tree with all of the special pieces that I remembered from my childhood. Last year we spent the Holidays in Costa Rica, and although it was beautiful…it’s always beautiful…it certainly didn’t feel like Christmas. Now…it feels like Christmas. Having family and friends around…cool air (who am I kidding…freezing air)…sleeping in…it’s the best.

On Christmas day we (my Mom…but I will try to help) will make homemade cinnamon rolls, a tradition that my Dad started years and years ago, open presents, lay around and hang out before our customary Prime Rib dinner. My Mom is an excellent cook.

5 day countdown


Our time left in Costa Rica is short and I am flopping back and forth from feeling sad, nervous, and anxious, and then feeling so very excited. It’s confusing me.
This adventure has been incredible…I don’t even know where to begin. We have made some amazing friends and have become so close very quickly. When in a foreign country, with few familiar things, you hold on…tightly…to the friends you make. We have spent holidays with one another, countless dinners, puppy play dates, and let’s not even admit how many boxes of wine we’ve plowed through…it’s been a lot of fun. I am so sad to leave it.

I am nervous about starting again…again. New place, new jobs, new people…new directions…new phone numbers..I just barely memorized my phone number here! Moving the dogs will be stressful for them (and us) and Eddie has never even walked on a sidewalk before…let alone be cold. I keep joking with the Hubs that we are going to have to get him a sweater and booties…that warm jungle blood is going to be in for a shock. Hell…my blood is in for a shock! I get cold when it’s 78 degrees these days…I’m screwed.

I am anxious because…of everything. I’m an anxious person…it is what it is.

But…underneath all of this sad, nervous anxiety lies a huge ball of giddy excitement. We weren’t able to make it back home for the holidays last year so I am thrilled to be spending it with my family…it’ll feel like a real Christmas. We will also be able to see all of our Denver friends whom we adore. I know I have said this before but…we truly have the most amazing friends in the world…the ones in Denver, as well as the ones scattered around the world…we are fucking lucky.

And…furnishing a new home! I love that shit and we have almost nothing…not even a mattress. We do have a lot of sick artwork though…priorities.

New cars!

New shoes! I don’t think my Havianas are gonna cut it in winter.

Lot’s of new stuff and experiences to look forward to…and countless experiences and friendships to look back on.

Let’s do this.

on getting healthy the hard way


After moving to Costa Rica I figured I might as well get in shape…boring I know but totally necessary. New chub rolls were popping up weekly and it was making me miserable. The Hubs was surfing everyday and was dropping the lbs every second…while I lost a few pounds from a healthier diet…not on purpose mind you…it just happens here.

So…you know how it goes…I was unhappy with myself and feeling gross. Luckily (!?) our good friend, Jon Mangogna, is a TRX trainer.

After going to a few classes and being unable to walk for a day or two…that shit hurts…I pouted too much and gave up…then finally something clicked, aka my hubby made me go with him regularly, and it has honestly changed my life.

For about six months now the Hubs and I have been going to Jon’s TRX sessions three times a week and it has totally transformed my body and my attitude. I never thought in a million years I would be able to do 100 pushups, crunches, squats, jumping jacks, and battle rope hell action, without a break in thirty minutes but I can now…thanks to Jon. He also incorporates kickboxing into the workouts because it is fun as hell and so fucking hard. Man I love hitting shit.

I asked Jon for his take on TRX to share with you:

“I never really got caught up in the whole “lift heavy weights and get big” phase. In fact I never was even interested in the gym (I know, funny thing to hear from a professional trainer). I was, though, always interested in movement: judo, surfing, skating, snowboarding, running, jumping, climbing, flipping, you get the point. In every day life your body moves using muscle groups, not isolated muscles, and in 3 dimensions without stopping to think about it. The TRX allows you to work in all 3 of these dimensions using multi joint movements at all times. Combine that with balance, flexibility, constant core challenge, and a low impact on the body and the TRX makes you good at….well….LIFE. Just so happens that all that aesthetic stuff, like a smokin beach bod, follows as a bi-product!”

He said it…and I am a believer. Now that we are leaving Costa Rica I am genuinely sad to leave behind our sessions…who am I? Also… the view certainly didn’t hurt.

So thanks Jon…I will miss you. I will also miss telling you that you are a big dick for an hour, and then giving you a kiss and a big Thank you as we leave. It’s a love/hate hour.

If you are ever in the Nosara area and are looking for a great work out…contact Jon at

What do you guys do to keep/get in shape? I am all about working out now and would love to expand my physical horizons. Please share in the comments.