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“Nerding Out” : what I call it when hubby falls down the rabbit hole of anything I would deem “nerdy”. I tease him about it. I love that he does it. The hubs likes the tech stuff…and totally understands it too, which baffles the hell out of me. Thank God he does though because my brain shuts off when stuff gets too techy. I’m trying to get it though…really trying.

With that said, we are an Apple household. Computers, phones, Apple TV, gadgets, do-dads, etc. We love it. So of course, I emerged (more like stumbled really…who do I think I am? A sexy Siren emerging from the depths of the ocean? No.) out of bed this morning to the hubs nerding out over todays Apple Event.

He’s been anticipating the event for a few weeks now. Has been reading various Apple rumor related blogs (like macrumors.com and 9to5mac.com religiously and has been waxing poetic about the Apple watch and a new MacBook Pro (holy hell it comes in GOLD? Gimme). Again…I think it’s cute.

So anyway…hubs is nerding out, I am flopping around the kitchen trying to come to terms with not being in bed, the Apple dudes are talking away about the cool new watch Hubs has been drooling over and they did it. They introduced my favorite supermodel…Christy Turlington Burns. I perked up and payed attention…good job Apple.

Let’s take a minute to gush about Christy. Or let’s look at some pictures…that’s better.

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She is so dreamy.

She is also a champion for women’s, particularly mother’s, health and founded Every Mother Counts, a “non-profit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother”. Within Every Mother Counts is a running club that runs to raise awareness of their cause. What does this have to do with nerding out you ask?

Apple invited Christy Turlington Burns to use their new Apple Watch (it looks so cool…is nerd contagious?) while preparing and completing the Kilimanjaro Marathon and now while training for the London Marathon. So…why am I excited about it? Because Christy will be posting a weekly blog here to record her progress, talk about the nifty new watch , of course, and to spread the word of Every Mother Counts. Now for me…a person who has always been so inspired by runners, but too lazy/scared/tired/a total bummer to become one herself…I find this partnership to be awesome! I love supermodels…I grew up with my face shoved in every fashion magazine I could get my paws on in the 90’s…I love my hubs nerdy musings of technology, I love being inspired by those who aren’t afraid, and of course…I love our addiction…Apple.

So I am excited to follow along. And now…I am going for a run.

Also…this post in no way is a paid endorsement.


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