it’s cold in Denver


How did I forget what cold feels like? This shit is brutal.

It is so nice to be home…or back in Denver anyway. I couldn’t be happier…well…I could be happier if it was warmer but whatever…I’m a whiner.

Christmas is in full swing and I love it. We were able to decorate my Mom’s house and tree with all of the special pieces that I remembered from my childhood. Last year we spent the Holidays in Costa Rica, and although it was beautiful…it’s always beautiful…it certainly didn’t feel like Christmas. Now…it feels like Christmas. Having family and friends around…cool air (who am I kidding…freezing air)…sleeping in…it’s the best.

On Christmas day we (my Mom…but I will try to help) will make homemade cinnamon rolls, a tradition that my Dad started years and years ago, open presents, lay around and hang out before our customary Prime Rib dinner. My Mom is an excellent cook.

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