on finding something to do with myself


Moving to a new town is never easy. It’s awesome…but not easy. I think the hubs and I have done well with our transition of jungle life in Costa Rica to our new life in beautiful San Diego but it has left both of us wondering what the hell we should be doing with ourselves.

I work…a lot…and I like my job but being back in the service industry is leaving me wanting more from myself. I was wasting hours upon hours doing nothing but playing games on my iPad and iPhone (not while at work of course). I do have a strong lazy tendency but I was just depressing myself…I had totally checked out of reality. I was ignoring my surroundings…I was ignoring my own thoughts…not healthy. I was worried…hell I AM worried that I don’t even know myself anymore.

So the damn games have been deleted.

Now I have to deal with myself. Where in the world do I begin?

“Hi me…I’m you…nice to meet you”

I have nothing to say to myself. We (me and myself) stand around awkwardly waiting for a mutual friend to come stop the discomfort. The problem with that is…I used to really like myself. I think I could again. We just need to reconnect.

I thought maybe a day alone would do it…nope. Maybe a spa day? Nah. Write in a journal…I have nothing to say to me!

I felt like I needed to find a common interest with myself. Jeez…I am dating myself aren’t I? I am trying to convince myself to date me!

Whatever…I took myself out for a fun activity…a weaving class!

Shit I needed this. Last Saturday I attended a beginning weaving class put on by Urban Craft Camp. The class was taught by the amazing and magical Rachel Ehlin-Smith of Mr. Blue Skye at the cutest shop called Teeter located in Pacific Beach. It was amazing. I went alone and was able to do something new and fun along with some amazing women. I met a few beautiful ladies and learned a new craft that I have been happily working on at home. Slowly though…very slowly…I keep second guessing myself.

I took myself out on a date and we had a great time, and now we have a fun hobby to do together.

Maybe getting to know myself is a good idea.